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39960D 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon Steel non offset

39960D 26/0 Tiger Tamer Hi carbon Steel non offset
26/0 39960 DT Duratin Coated huge circle hook hi carbon steel ideal for Shark tuna marlin swordfish

PRICE: $6.99

Fish Facts Vote which one you feel is true.
Goldfish can't close their eyes without eyelids. ? 
1 Puffer Fish has enough poison to kill 30 people ? 
A koi fish named 'Hanako' lived for 225 years. ? 
Fish can drown in water. ? 
Fish can see 70 times further in air than in water ? 
Fish in polluted lakes lose their sense of smell. ? 
Many fish can change sex during their lifespan. ? 
The goliath tigerfish can eat small crocodiles. ? 
There is a Jellyfish that could be immortal. ? 
There's a shark in Greenland that eats polar bears ? 

Around 10% of the world's total fish species can be found just within the Great Barrier Reef.
In three decades, the world's oceans will contain more discarded plastic
than fish when measured by weight, researchers say.
The toxin in puffer fish is 1200 times deadlier than cyanide.
Strange fish facts
Many Fish can taste without even opening their mouths.
Fish Facts
Most brands of lipstick contain fish scales
Did you know?
American Lobsters have longer life spans than both cats and dogs, living over 20 years.
God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
Jason Wallis Photography
Corporate Headshots Magazine covers Fashion Advertising Campaigns Model Portfolio's and Headshots Family Portraits Weddings
Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


fishing store

Lucky Joes Stainless Steel Treble Hooks

Lucky Joes Stainless Steel Treble Hooks
Lucky Joes Stainless steel welded treble hooks 420 stainless steel model 7731 style hooks

PRICE: $6.49

Lucky Joes 7691S double hook rigs 180° offset

Lucky Joes 7691S double hook rigs 180° offset
Stainless Double hook rigs 6/0 thru 10/0 ready to install in you favorite lures!

PRICE: $3.50

Lucky Joes Large Stainless Steel Fishing Hooks

Lucky Joes Large Stainless Steel Fishing Hooks
Lucky Joes 7731S stainless steel very big fish hooks for the angler who hunts the big ones.

PRICE: $1.81

fishing wanted
 Oct 14, 2009; 05:26PM
 Category:  Boat Motors
 Name for Contacts:  Dorothy Holland
 Phone:  334-797-4700
 City:  Dothan
 State:  Al.
 Country:  USA
 Description:  Looking for Mercury 4 stoke motor for 21 foot suntracker pontoon boat.

fishing photo contest
w i n n e r w i n n e r

Mark Tamim 62 pounds Rooster Fish
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Mark Tamim, 29
I casted red/white codell pencil poppers into the surf as we cruise...
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fishing tips and tricks
 Aug 5, 2003; 10:26PM - Albright Knot
 Category:  Knots to use
 Author Name:  Steve vonBrandt/S&K Guide Service
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 1: Albright Knot
The albright knot is most commonly used for joining lines of different diameter, for creating shook leaders and when Bimini Twist is tied in the end of lighter casting line. It is also used to connect monofilament to wire.

1.Create a loop in the tag end of the heavier line, then feed the tag end of the lighter line through it.
2. Bring the tag end up and over the loop to make your first turn.
3. Make a series of turns around all three stands, keeping it as tight as possible.
4. make a minimum of 10 turns, bringing the tag end out of the end of the heavier line's loop.
5. To tighten the knot, pull the standing part of the heavier line. At the same time, slide the turns toward the loop end.
6. When turns are in a neat position, pull both standing parts to make the knot tight. Trim ends.

fishing boats and accessories
 Jan 30, 2004; 03:10PM - 21'8' BayStealth Bay Boat
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  20,500
 Name for Contacts:  Marc Noe
 Phone:  (813) 671-7447
 City:  Apollo Beach
 State:  Florida
 Country:  USA
Click here to enlarge Description 1: Excellent fishing boat- With full tower and rear sun shade with upper and lower station controls, 8 foot 6 inch beam, 2001 175hp Merc., jack plate, 74lb thrust Minnkota trolling motor, LMS350A GPS/Depth/Fishfinder, 2 live-wells, fishbox, 4 bateries, VHF, plenty of storage, tandem axel trailer. The first $20,500 takes this exceptional boat. Call Marc at (813)671-7447

fishing reports
 Dec 5, 2008; 09:45AM - Holiday Bite Continues
 Category:  Saltwater Fly Fishing Reports
 Author Name:  Gary Graham
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description:
Endless Season Update 12/03/2008
REPORT #1143 'Below the Border' Saltwater Fly-Fishing reports since 1996

East Cape
December has brought slower offshore fishinga few blue marlin and stripers are being taken (along with some dorado) but the tuna have all but disappeared of late.
The good newsthe inshore fishing is great! Large numbers of dorado are showing on the blue water line and inside. We have a mixed bag of roosters and sierras working in close to the beach. Still a few jacks and roosters can be found feeding on the surface near the shore and from the beach along, with some good-sized pompano. Cabrilla and pargo are still being taken along the beaches near some of the rocky points
Water temperature 76-80
Air temperature 64-80
Humidity 57%
Wind: E 5 to 7 knots
Conditions: Partly Cloudy
Visibility 12 miles
Sunrise 6:37 a.m. MST
Sunset 5:41 p.m. MST

Magdalena Bay, Baja Mexico

The better marlin action remains below Punta Tosca. Between Cabo San Lazzaro and the Thetis, the dorado and tuna action have continued to be the show stopper.

How thick were they? I had loaded my Hobie Mirage i9S Inflatable on the Mar Gato and wanted to give it a try if the bite was good. Weighing only 53 pounds, the Hobie quickly inflates and deflates and is designed to be easily transported. But more importantly, the Hobie MirageDrive allows you to use your leg muscles to pedal, freeing your hands for casting.

With every rod on the boat bent, Captain Sergio Garcia couldnt wait to give the Hobie a shot. Before I knew it, he had it in the water and in minutes he was being towed around by an obliging tuna. It only took a few minutes for him to get the hang of maneuvering the kayak with its pedals and he quickly brought the fish to the side of the Hobie for a photo.

Bob Hoyt

Water temperature 72 - 78
Air temperature 62 -81
Humidity 68 %
Wind: WSW 5 to 6 knots
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy
Visibility 6 miles
Sunrise 6:57 a.m. MST
Sunset 5:37 p.m. MST

Zihuatanejo, Mainland Mexico
The surface water temperatures are showing between 80 and 83, which is confusing because the sailfish are acting like the water is very cold and have had a bad case of lock jaw all week. They are here, but just have not been biting. It is possible they are gorging on squid, and are not interested in a trolled surface bait.
A few dorado are biting, but nothing like year's past when late November and December are the hot month for big dorado.
Almost every captain tells me they are getting blue marlin and sailfish in the trolling pattern, but after making a couple of swipes at the baits, they leave. There have been a few blue marlin taken however.
Inshore has shown very few roosters, but lots of sierra and small jack crevalle. Plus, there are a lot of black skipjack tuna, which is marlin candy bait.
Ed Kunze
Water temperature 78 - 80
Air temperature 71-92
Humidity 40%
Wind: SW at 6
Conditions: Sunny
Visibility 11 miles
Sunrise 7:03 a.m. CST
Sunset 6:10 p.m. CST

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