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 Dec 12, 2014; 02:02PM - Cork Blackwater
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery News - December 10, 2014

Prices Unchanged for 2015.
We dropped our prices significantly two years ago to combat the economic climate and to encourage more anglers to come to the Blackwater. We are keeping the prices the same for 2015.
Salmon fishing on the renowned Cork Blackwater for between €15 - €80 per day depending on the season.
Please see our website for details: (Angling for Salmon on Ireland's Cork Blackwater at Blackwater Lodge and Salmon Fishery) and don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information or would like to make a reservation for the coming season.

Winter spawning:
There is an excellent stock of spawning fish on the upper Blackwater according to Fisheries officers.
Interestingly, their behaviour this year is unusual in that they are running to the spawning grounds & spawning immediately which is rather early especially as we have had a mild winter so far. Perhaps they know more about the coming weather than we do!

2015 Fishing Season:
There are no changes in the fishing regulations for the coming season, apart from the fact that the season will revert to closing on September 30th. For the last 3 years, the Blackwater benefited from an extension to the salmon season to October 12. The Minister has decided not to continue this in 2015.
The quota for the river is 5,752 which is the second highest in the country next to the Moy.
For anyone who would like to see the full Draft regulations for the coming season, please go to:

Opening of the 2015 Season.
The season will open as usual on February 1st., 2015.

Book Early for 2015!: It's always advisable to book early to ensure your place - especially for the prime weeks.

Early Payment Discount: Book and pay in full now & benefit from a 1% per month discount.

2015 Prices: These are now available on our website:
Angling for Salmon on Ireland's Cork Blackwater at Blackwater Lodge and Salmon Fishery.

Christmas Gift Vouchers:
Stuck for that last minute present? If you'd like to give or receive a special gift, now is the time to get a Gift Voucher from us - for anything from fly-casting tuition to fishing, accommodation or tackle.
Very prompt service with vouchers created to order & delivered to you by return by email.

Pre-Season Preparation:
As always, Glenda is available for tuition as the new season approaches, so if you'd like to hone your skills before Opening Day then get in touch with her.

Social Networking:!/blackwaterlodge - Twitter - Facebook – Ian!/pages/Blackwater-Lodge-and-Salmon-Fishery/174162079283048 -Facebook - Lodge page - FaceBook - Glenda
For any further information, please contact:
Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery, Upper Ballyduff, County Waterford, Ireland

Skype: bwlodge Ireland: Phone: 058 60235 Mobile: 087 235 21 20 (Ian) 087 235 12 60 (Glenda)
From UK: Phone: 0844 202 33 33 International: Phone: 353 58 60235

 Mar 27, 2013; 08:14PM - Cork Blackwater
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

We are having a period of dry weather now which is due continue until well into next week.
Following the big flood on the 22nd., the river is now fining off very well
and will only improve further in the coming days.

The Ballyduff gauge is on 0.70m at 5.00pm today.
Beats on the upper river are now in fly order, and some of the lower beats
should be fly-fishable by tomorrow & all of them should be in fly order by the weekend.
Temperatures are cold with the air struggling to get to 5C during the day & is about 0 to 2C at night.
The water on the lower river is just over 7C & on the upper river it is only about 4.5C
We have high (3.9m) tides for the next couple of days, so hopefully this
- combined with the flood fining off - will encourage more fish to move in.
Prospects are looking very good for the Easter weekend.

 Feb 27, 2011; 03:03PM - The Second Salmon of the Season is caught on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery, Ireland
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

Only 2 rods out on the river yesterday.
Tony O'Keeffe from Mallow was fishing at Kilmurry with his father Dan
and caught this 6.6lb. fish on Flying C on the Island Stream on Lower Kilmurry.
Sea-lice can be seen in the picture - two on the top of the tail and one below the adipose.
There were more on the back & the head of the fish. They also caught a few kelts.

There was a couple of rods out on Friday that also caught a few kelts,
but also saw a fresh springer show that they estimated at 15-20lb. - also on Lower Kilmurry.

The upper river had a slight (5cm) rise yesterday.
Occasional light rain in the upper catchment had been responsible,
and this has meant that the lower river has held it's level at 0.85m.

The level is currently too high for good flyfishing,
needing to be below about 0.6m to be able to wade and fish comfortably.
The weather forecast now looks as if we can expect a dry spell of at least a week.
This should ensure that the level will come down to fly order.
When it will be very interesting to see how the upper beats from Ballyhooly to Mallow will fish.

For all the latest info, see also:
or follow us on

 Feb 5, 2011; 07:28PM - First Salmon of 2011
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

The First Spring Salmon is Landed on February 3rd.!

Derek O'Keeffe, from Thomastown, Kilkenny came to the Lodge for a casting lesson
with Glenda on Thursday afternoon.
After the lesson, Glenda invited him to fish on for the rest of the afternoon on Upper Kilmurry.
He hooked and landed a lovely fresh fish of about 8lb. on a fly he tied himself.
It was a colour variation of the PoshTosh as seen in 'Trout and Salmon', February 2010.
The fish was hooked at the head of the Hut Pool on Upper Kilmurry and took about 15 mins
to land, having jumped half a dozen times.
Derek - a firm believer in catch and release - carefully returned the fish alive.
Not wanting to harm the fish in any way, it was quickly released without even taking a photo
as he was fishing on his own - the only rod out on the fishery in fact today.

Current Situation

This was the river below the Lodge today.

This is the gauge height on the upper & lower river for the last five days.

On the 3rd., the river was at a perfect height and clarity for the fly.
On the 4th., the lower river was up approximately half a metre but peaked late evening.
There was very little fishing effort and gales, but a couple of fresh silver fish were seen jumping amongst the kelts.
Certainly spinnable for the 5th. Fly is doubtful.

For all the latest info, see also:
or follow us on

 Nov 22, 2010; 02:23PM - Salmon Fishing on the Cork Blackwater
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

2010 Salmon Season Report from Blackwater Lodge
Finally, I have completed a report on the 2010 Season on Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery. This can be found on:

For more detailed reports by Month please go to:

2010 Season Highlights

...............................Season Total: 652 for 1,342 rod days (0.49 fish/rod day).
....................................July Total: 168 for 183 rod days.
........................................................(The Best July since 2000 when 263 were caught for 750 rod days)
...............Best Day of the Season: September 26 - 26 fish to 16lb.
...............Best Catch for One Rod: Eleven fish on September 21st.
......Number of First Ever Salmon: Thirty-five in total for the season.
Proportion of Fish Caught on Fly: Second Highest Ever for the Total 2011 Season.
........................................................Highest Ever for the months of May & June.
........................................................Second Highest for the month of September.
........................................................Fifth Highest for August.
........................................................Eighth Highest for July.

The Draft Proposals for the Wild Salmon & Seatrout Tagging Scheme Regulations for the 2011 Season
were issued on Friday, November 19.

The quota for the Blackwater has been raised to 5,859 from the 2010 quota which was 5,054.

The number of tags for the spring (February 1 to May 11) has not been confirmed yet.
Last year, it was one tag for the Blackwater but this was only announced in a Byelaw issued on December 17, 2009
so we are still waiting to hear if it will be one or three tags.

The Huge Run of Fish continues

I was talking to Fishery Board staff at the excellent Irish Fly Fair in Galway last weekend
& got the latest on the runs of fish into the Blackwater.
There were reports of 7,500 fish that had run into the river in the 8 days from October 27.

Just before the Fair on the weekend of November 13/14, this figure had jumped to over 15,000....................!

This bodes well for our future stocks of salmon.

 Aug 4, 2010; 06:32AM - Salmon Fishing on Ireland's Cork Blackwater
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

To view report as a web page, please go to:

The Best Ever July Catch
in terms of Fish Caught per Rod Day
On Sunday, July 25th., Mossy McElligott (Tralee) caught the Best Fish of the Season
with a 12.4lb on fly on Ballinaroone & his fishing partner Tim Quinlivan also had two on fly of 11.9 & 9.1lb.
Tim's largest was also the second heaviest weighed fish this year.

The month of July produced 169 salmon for a total of only 183 rod days.
This is the sixth best total for the month since I took over the Lodge at the beginning of 1986.
It is the best catch for the month since the year 2000, when 263 were caught for 750 rod days.
It also includes the two Best Fish of the Season which were both caught on fly on the same day
on Beat 3 - Ballinaroone by Mossy McElligott (12.4lb) & Tim Quinlivan (11.9lb).
There have also been at least four very large fish lost in the second half of the month.

The table below shows the figures for the six best months of July.
Only the all-time record year of 1992 (when 1511 fish were taken) has a comparable catch per rod day!

Total catch for the season to date is 212.
Take me home, Mum! Our seven year old son Ian heads away
after an afternoon on the river with his famous mum Glenda on July 18!

Current Situation
The river is still fining off slowly from the small floods on July 19 & 23.
It is now @ 0.18m on the gauge with ~5 feet clarity.

Once again there is a huge buildup of fresh fish in the tidal reaches & a good number are running into the main river.
Some of the lower beat - in particular Kents & Lower Kilmurry - are hold a good head of fish.

With predominantly dry weather for the coming week, the river remain at summer level.
There are plenty of fish running - both hefty grilse & larger summer salmon.

For all the very latest information please see the Blackwater Lodge Fishing Report page on :

 Jul 18, 2010; 12:03PM - Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery Catch Report
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell
Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery Catch Report

The Magic 100 is Reached!

Yesterday - July 17 - we hit the 100 fish caught for the season mark!
The recent rain has brought the river up and got the fish running,
and we have caught 59 so far for July for only 88 rod days.
49 of these have been caught in the last 9 days for 77 rod days.

Here's the latest picture on river levels at 18.30 this evening (Saturday 17th.).

The river is dropping quite quickly. On the lower river the clarity is extremely poor - virtually unfishable.
It is clearing down quite well from the top of the river & fish were caught today
on a couple of our beats on the upper river between Castletownroche and Mallow.
Connie gillied two guests on our very top beat and the party had 5 fish for the day including fish of 11, 5, 5, 4 & 3lb.
Only a couple the grilse were kept - the other 3, including the 11 pounder were released.
All were taken on spinner, but Connie reckoned it would be have been fly-fishable at the end of the day.
Two were sea-liced and the beat is 28 miles upstream of the Lodge!
One other grilse reported so far from the middle of the upper river as well.

For all the very latest information please see the Blackwater Lodge Fishing Report page on :

 Jul 18, 2010; 11:59AM - Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery Catch Report
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

Best Day of the Season so far - plus Best Catch from One Beat in One Day

The river dropped to a lovely height on July 13.
In the morning it was 0.23 & fell to 0.20m by nightfall. Clarity 2-2½ feet.

There was an excellent run of fish coming through the entire system right though to the top beats.

A total of 20 fish were caught for 11 rod days for the day.

Beat 3 (1 mile up from the Lodge): 4 caught. 1 on fly. Best 9.7 & 11lb.
Beat 7 (5 miles up from the Lodge): 4 caught. All on fly. Best 6.5lb.
Beat 8 (15 miles up from the Lodge): 1 caught. 4lb.
Beat 9 (20 miles up from the Lodge): 8 caught. 6 on fly & all released. Best 6lb.
Beat 16 (26 miles up from the Lodge): 3 caught. 1 on fly. Best 6lb.

Two rods caught eight fish today at Bridgetown Abbey.
- mostly grilse around the 3lb. mark.
Six were caught on fly & two on spinner.
All eight fish were released alive.
Mick Kennedy caught 5 (best ~6lb.) & Billy Jewitt caught three.
Seven of the fish were caught in a 2 hour 'moment of madness'.

Prospects looking very good with fresh fish being taken right through to the top of the fishery.
Still more rain coming in the next 2 days which should top up the height.

[b]For all the very latest information please see the Blackwater Lodge Fishing Report page on :
[url=]Blackwater Lodge Salmon Fishery - Daily Updated Salmon Fishing Report page[/url]

 Jun 14, 2010; 08:17AM - Salmon Fishing on Ireland's Cork Blackwater
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

Flood moves fish from tidal water!

The small flood on Tuesday put the river out of order for a couple of days as it became very coloured.
By Friday it was improving and 3 fish were lost on the Lodge beats.
Yesterday (Saturday), four fish were caught - 3 on spinner & one on fly.
The best (~12lb) was caught & released by Ray Burns on Upper Kilmurry on spinner.
Today, there were 3 grilse taken on the fly. Clarity is now a good 3 feet.
Seven fish in total for 14 rod days in the last two days.
There has been a significant increase in the number of fish moving through the lower beats since the flood.
I'm also hearing about some grilse & salmon being caught up in the Mallow area.
For the latest info: Fishing report page

 Mar 15, 2010; 12:14PM - Salmon Fishing on the Cork Blackwater
 Category:  Ireland
 Author Name:  Ian Powell

Third Springer is caught on the Blackwater Lodge beats
The third springer of the season was taken on Sunday, March 14 by Larry Sheridan (Dungarvan) who gillies for the Lodge.
He released the fish which weighed about 12lb & was taken on black Flying C at the top of the Island Stream on Kents.
It didn't have sea-lice but very fresh. He saw a couple more springers there as well.
Unfortunately no picture as he doesn't carry a camera with him.
The river is now at summer level - 0.36m on the Ballyduff gauge. Perfect fly order.
Lots of kelts being caught on flies as small as size 8.
For the latest info: Fishing report page [url][/url]

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