27 Apr 2004 - April offshore fishing in Venice Louisiana
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:  avanzino@yahoo.com
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Records fell in April, some state and others purely personal..after much effort we were finally able to convert a decent yellowfin tuna on fly on April 10th..the fish were boiling around the boat in groups of 5-12 at a time..first to hook up was Chip Metz and from the looks of the it 10 feet from the boat, I am guessing an 80 pound fish..fish on fish off..if they survive the first run things usually look up, then you get to look forward to gaffing it if it doesn't break of pull the hook..funny thing is, Chip's fish came back for more with the fly and leader streaming from his mouth...next to hook up was David Coinget who lasted a little longer than Chip before the all too familiar break off on the 1st run..Roger Del Rio was next in the rotation surviving the first run and some quick manuevering until a 45 pound yellowfin came to the gaff in 75 minutes..Gary Parish was able to pick up 2 blackfin although Mr. Big never came cruising for him today..lost the school not long after fighting Rogers fish then we went looking for a world record aj didn't take long..while the rest of the gang toyed with kings and bonita Frank Genusa got ahold of a nice jack..after a 45 minute fight the fish came to gaff at nearly 26 pounds beating Roger Del Rio's state record by 3 pounds..got back on the slick and David Coignet hooked a larger fish only to loose him as he dug 280 feet into the hardbottom..the fish never even knew it was hooked until about 5 minutes into the fight after which he made his 3 minute run to freedom...lost them shortly thereafter and decided to go look for mangroves never did get the big ones chummed up as there was a supply boat at the G-spot with his engines in gear..decided to get home early to weigh the fish..and here's where God shows up again, delivering the coastal flyfisherman's heaven on Earth..4 mies from Tiger Pass we came across 2 acres of frenzied bull redfish feeding a mass of rain minnows..when I say they were thick, they were running into the boat, litterally..sounded like someone dropping 10 dozen bean bags on the deck of the boat..wait until you see the pictures..talk about a screensaver..red and yellow on green, you could have walked on them...there had to be hundreds..seen that 3 times in ten years..once off Horn Island with Tarpon mixed in and in Breton Soundafew years back...only problem is everyone had put there gear away..Roger was the only one with a fly stil on a rod and before he could make a cast a 31 pound bull grabbed the bait as it dangled off the transom..I ran to the bow with a spinning rod and slung it into the pile and immediately hooked a jack..while we fought our two respective fish while the school scattered into groups of 10-20 and we were never really able to set up again...Roger released his fish 20 minutes later..There just aren't enough hours in the day but no one was complaining...later that night Darryl and I ran the boat up to the shipyard for it's annul check-up..First trip back with the Ambling Group..here is the report in Ricky Mestayer's words...'Scott, We had two days (April 15/16, 2004) of fantastic fishing. I did not believe that we could top last year's (April 2003)experience but we did. Sorry that you had to miss this trip. Captain Sonny did an outstanding job for us. He is a great asset to your company. Yellowfin Tuna action was hot. Everybody caught a large tuna. Mine went about 45 pounds. What a fight! We also caught eight Rainbow Runners. On our way in we stopped to try for Amberjack. We all caught huge Amberjack. My wife Becky caught one that weighed 60 pounds. She's still talking about that fight. The fish almost pulled her overboard. We had great action all day. The next day we went back after those big Jacks. Caught four big Amberjacks and Kings and Baracuda and Sharks. What a smorgasboard. We had decided earlier that we wanted to go tangle with the Big Bull Reds at Southwest Pass. The Bulls were there and the action was hot. 20-30 pound Redfish on every cast. Sonny gave me a spinning rod with 12 pound test line to fight the Reds. It took me 25 minutes to bring my fish in. Everyone (Ricky and Becky Mestayer, Kelsey Varnado, Jeremy Moore, Josh Summers and Mr. Moore) had a wonderful experience. Will be back next year for our annual fishing trip with Captain Scott and Captain Sonny. Sincerely, Ricky Mestayer' Always nice to receive emails like that..Been catching a few bottom fish and wahoo this week on the few days we braved the 4-6 footers..I have yet to make a snapper trip since the opening. I have taken the last 10 days off for a variety of reasons..can't wait to get after them.. Paradise Outfitters - 985-845-8006